Documentary Filming

Please take note that the Gallery Demonstration and the Workshop Seminar activities described above are to be filmed for a future Documentary on
“The Life and the Work of Sandy Ingham” as presented here.

Participants are welcome to be a part of this process and may be asked to provide an on-camera testimonial statement during the course of these activities, or perhaps even a live Interview.

No Private Readings or Portraits will in any form be included in the filming of these activities whatsoever, and no individual will in any way be named or identified as such, without the express written consent of the party.

Gallery and Workshop participants will be asked to complete a waiver of acknowledgement and release upon entering the sessions, should they consent to be included in a final cut of the Documentary.

Participants who do not wish to be included may express their intention as such, and will be seated accordingly, off-camera.

No Photos or video taping, filming or audio recordings of any kind are permitted at these activities, unless where allowed outside of the actual Activity Sessions.

Documentary Film and all Activities
Produced by JOSEPH for Cinésprit Productions
In Association with The Cutting Room

In Loving Memory of Christopher James

Movie camera - Cinesprit Documentary