Trance Spirit Art

Gallery Demonstration

With Sandy Ingham

Sunday May 5th
4.00 pm to 7.00 pm
Doors: 2.30 pm

Admission Fee $25.00

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Sandy in trance drawing a portrait with medium at the ARE

Sandy at work in a Demonstration

Sandy in trance drawing a dual portrait

Sandy draws two different Portraits in one Demonstration at the same time

In this healing Gallery Demonstration, Sandy will sit at her easel, remove her shoes and quickly enter into the trance state. Later, Sandy will have no recollection of what has transpired during her time in that state.

As Sandy begins to draw, she will be accompanied by supporting Medium, Karen Richards, who will deliver oral messages from “Leo” related to the intended recipients of each Portrait.

Through this unique, awe-inspiring process of “Trance Spirit Art”, Sandy provides convincing, evidential proof that life goes on after death. In connecting and blending with her life-long Spirit Guide ”Leo,” this process offers a profoundly healing and reassuring message to those affected by the bewilderment and the spiritual pain of the passing.

Worldwide, Sandy’s audiences have been deeply moved by the concrete, visible proof that those we love, do live on in Spirit form, on the Otherside.

Join with us to witness this profound experience for yourself!

Sandy in trance with Medium in UK

Sandy and a supporting Medium
during a Demonstration

Samples of Photos of Portrait subjects sent to Sandy After Portraits were drawn !

Sandy Portrait and Photo of Annie Nanji with Baby

“Speaking of Spirit”

Immediately before this “Gallery Demonstration” Sandy’s metaphysical colleague, JOSEPH, will introduce Sandy and Karen, and then offer a live Speaking Presentation describing and explaining to the assembly — from the non-physical, Spiritual realms – what is about to occur, and by what means and methods this is possible.

Join with them as they all pair their unique metaphysical gifts and higher spiritual teachings to prepare you for the profound illustrations to be delivered here.

This Speaking Presentation serves to enhance the healing and enlightening effects of the “Gallery Demonstration” for those who seek to know more about the validity and the continuation of life after the passing. 

SANDY INGHAM has been a Medium all of her life, and has now demonstrated her unique gifts in Trance Spirit Art over the last twelve years both in the UK and throughout Europe, in America, Australia and elsewhere, ever since this rare and extraordinary Artistic ability emerged from within her.
  Sandy resides in England with her husband Michael, who is her constant traveling companion and indispensable Personal Assistant. She is also a non-practicing Nurse, as well as a Mother and a Grandmother.
To learn more about Sandy and her work, visit:

Karen Richards, Supporting Medium

KAREN RICHARDS is a well respected Medium from Australia who has worked there in support of Sandy in “Gallery Demonstrations” and who travels to practice and share her gifts of Mediumship far and wide.

Yin Yang symbol

JOSEPH has appeared with Sandy both here in the U.S. and abroad, and is a channel for speaking and a Medium, with a concentration in the After Life, Karma & Reincarnation and Transition Awareness & Healing.
To learn more about JOSEPH and his work visit: