Testimonials & Reviews

Photo of Ed's Mother

“Opening up the envelope when this Portrait from Sandy arrived that I ordered by mail was one of the most profound experiences in my life, and I was 85 years of age then.
My wife said immediately, “That’s your Mother!”
I could not imagine how she could have drawn this Portrait of my late Mother in her middle age, since I had never met Sandy, and had not ever even spoken to her.
It is uncanny how close this Portrait is to the framed photo of my Mother on my dresser.”

Ed Kiley
Sandy Ingham portrait of Ed's Mother

“Hi Sandy, it’s Dan.
I just want to thank you for your time yesterday it brought me so much joy and happiness.
I’m so grateful that there is someone so amazing as you.
You bring so much happiness and reassurance to so many people around the world.
You’ve given me so much happiness and joy at such a hard time.
I’m so glad that you it was you to be chosen, you truly deserve it.”


“Thank you with all my heart from my daughter and I for the messages and picture of her Dad, Terry this evening.
Scarlett and I have been sitting here talking, remembering and understanding things that you mentioned to us, and Sandy/Leo drew.
The letter “D” is for Daddy.
The boat that Leo drew represents a sailing boat that Terry had in the 60s.
My daughter also sails, just off Starcross in the Exe Estuary with a friend.
They often see lots of fish in the water.
Terry’s brother Frank did his National Service in the RAF and Terry did his in a Navy dockyard.
Peter and Paul is actually a saying about never having a great deal of spare money ….’ Oh I’m just robbing Peter to pay Paul….’.
I remember now Terry saying that often to me.
It’s also how I tend to live financially, as well !
George is Terry’s older son who accidentally chopped off the top of a finger on a saw bench.
Yes, my beautiful daughter was emotionally overwhelmed but is also delighted with her portrait of her beloved Dad.
He turns her light on and off most evenings when she’s in bed reading!
I have a number of photos of him looking just like the picture Sandy and Leo drew.
Spirit continues to amaze and enlighten me, over and over and over again!”

Caroline Sheehan

“A wonderful evening spent with Sandy and her Spirit Guide, Leo, producing drawings from Spirit of loved ones for individual people that were sitting in the audience at the time.
Some were quite emotional to see their loved ones appear on the screen before them.
Sandy and Leo were assisted by a local Medium, giving additional information to the audience and adding a touch of humor with banter with Leo.
Just love Leo.”


Annette Tollis

“My wonderful drawing done by my friend and Medium and Psychic Artist, Sandy Ingham, so proud and pleased to be the recipient.”

Sandy Ingham portrait of Babs relative

“Thank you both so much for the wonderful messages from my beautiful Mum and amazing portrait of my Nan and messages.
It was an extra special evening for us and you helped Dad and me so much.”

Wendy Mclaren-Morris

“I met Sandy for the first time today and had an amazing sitting with her.
She is and absolutely lovely lady and extremely talented.
I was gobsmacked by most of what she came out with – names and dates that you couldn’t just make up.
Thank you so much for your time, talent and generous spirit and I look forward to seeing you again.”


Jo Floyd

“This is a picture you drew a few years ago at a reading.
I didn’t know the Lady.
My Mum was shocked as she was a close relative who died before I was born.
My middle name is “Margaret”, after her.
You even put a letter “M” on the picture.
The picture to the left is one my Mum found for me.
Amazing !”